Lack of a meaningful payment status


ASPSP does not provide a status for each payment beyond the immediate response to PISP's POST for the payment resource, which is often 'Pending'.

This is because the ASPSPs either:

  • cannot easily update the status of the payment in their online channel, or

  • choses not to update this status as there is no regulatory requirement.

PSU Impact
It is not expected for the PISP to receive a status of 'Accepted Settlement Complete' (i.e. payment has been received in the payee account) as many online channels do not inform the PSU of the execution of payments.

However, if the PISP does not receive a status of 'Accepted Settlement in Progress' (i.e. payment has been debited from the PSU's account) they will not be able to inform the PSU (and/or merchant) that the payment order has been accepted by the ASPSP. This will limit the value/utility of many PIS use cases.

Current Status
OBIE have further updated the standard (in v3.1.2) to include status codes for all payment types through to execution.

Currently several ASPSPs are not providing a RESTful response, and all subsequent GET requests to the payment resource only return a status of 'Pending'.

Mitigating Action(s)

  1. ASPSP must provide the status of the payment initiation immediately after the receipt of the payment order (i.e. immediately after the POST by the PISP to the payment resource).

  2. ASPSP should provide a RESTful response to subsequent GET requests to each payment resource, at least up to and including 'Accepted Settlement In Progress' and, if/where possible, 'Accepted Settlement Complete'.





Beejal Nagar

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