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An OBIE Customer Experience Guidelines Conformance Certificate allows an Implementer to demonstrate that they have successfully implemented all required elements of theĀ Customer Experience Guidelines (CEG), and in particularĀ that their customer journeys meet the CEG Checklist Requirements.


Each Conformance Certificate will cover all required/implemented customer journeys for one iOS, one Android and one Web interface. If a dedicated interface contains more than one branded customer journey but they have exactly the same user experience (e.g. the same authentication methods and number of steps), then the ASPSP may wish to consider these will be the same for the purposes of CEG Conformance Certification and only need pay OBIE for a single Conformance Certificate. If there are any differences between the customer journeys within the same dedicated interface, then even if minor these will be subject to one charge per branded set of journeys certified.

Conformance Certificates


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