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3.1-draft3 OB R/W API Team

First draft that picks up from where The Open Banking OpenID Dynamic Client Registration v1.0.0 left off.

3.1-draft430-Oct-2018OB R/W API Team


- added a sentence to state that some client management aspects will be covered by the specification

Basics / Of JWS and JWKS

- changed "the following two limitations" to "the following two limitations"


- Added a table of endpoints

- Introduced endpoints for PUT, GET and DELETE operations

Endpoints / POST

- Changed "responds with a JWS description" to "responds with a JSON description" in keeping with the current specification


Section split into two parts for authentication of different types of requests

Data Model / OBClientRegistrationRequest1

Updated section with relevant details on lengths, regex etc.

Updated section to state situations when ASPSPs may change the request parameters or reject requests

Data Model / OBClientRegistrationRequest1/Data Dictionary

response_types: Modified to state that default value should be code id_token

software_id: Modified to state that this must be a UUID

software_statement: Updated to state that the data model for OB issued software statements are documented as prt of the directory specifications

Added token_endpoint_auth_signing_alg 

Updated description of how DN should be matched.

3.1-RC1 OB R/W API Team

Data Dictionary

- Updated the definition of the iss claim to state "For SSAs issued by the OB Directory, this must be the software_id". This brings it in line with the current usage of iss.

- Updated the definition of the response_types claim to clarify situations in which the requested response types can be rejected

- Updated the definition of the software_id claim and removed "client name and may take the software_id from either the SSA or the TPP as a hint only."

Removed references to Article 34 and PSD2 in POST Operations section.

Updated links to Swagger specification.

3.1-RC1 OB R/W API Team

Version 3.1 final release.

No changes from Version 3.1 RC1.