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3.0 OB R/W API Team

This is the baseline version. No change from RC3.

Swagger URLs  have been updated to point to the latest stable version.

3.1-draft1 OB R/W API Team

This is the initial draft version for 3.1.


  • Grammatical Fixes
3.1-draft2 OB R/W API TeamNo Change
3.1-draft3 OB R/W API Team

Draft 3 Changes:

  • Namespaced Enumerations are moved to a separate page
  • Removed obsolete Static Enumeration - OBExternalFinancialInstitutionIdentification2Code, OBExternalAccountIdentification2Code, OBExternalAccountIdentification3Code from the list
  • Fixed the wrongly listed OBExternalLimitType2Code, it must be OBExternalLimitType1Code - no change in values
  • Swagger Specification links updated
3.1-draft4 OB R/W API Team

Draft 4 Changes:

  • Added CreditorAgent and DebtorAgent to ReadTransactionsDetail permission.
  • Updated class names in Permissions table
  • Added a section "ISO enumerations" for fields which are using ISO defined enumeration
  • Swagger Specification links updated
3.1-RC1 OB R/W API Team

RC1 Changes:

  • Swagger Specification links updated
3.1OB R/W API Team

Version 3.1 final release.

No changes from Version 3.1 RC1.

Swagger updated to latest release candidate


This specification describes the Account Information and Transaction API flows and payloads.


The Swagger Specification for Account Information APIs can be downloaded from the following links: