Implementation Guide: Nationwide

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ASPSPNationwide Building Society
BrandNationwide Building Society
Developer portal (s)


Supports dynamic client registration (Y/N)Y
Instructions for manual onboardingN/A - Nationwide does not support manual on-boarding
OIDC .well-known endpoint
Notes on testing-
Other on-boarding notes
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Account Information API

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Swagger versionv3.1

Base URI

General variances to specification None
Non-functional limitations

Transaction History - We will return transaction data for up to 15 months prior to the date of an account information data request. If a request is made beyond 15 months of transaction history, you will be provided with an empty ‘200’ response.

No Pagination - Nationwide are not currently supporting the splitting up of response messages into pages, pagination. We currently support the sharing of a file size up to a maximum of 10MB as a response message. If, in rare circumstances, you receive an exception message after requesting a large set of data, you can look to request the data for a series of narrower date ranges.

API Call Limits - If Nationwide receives more than four requests for data where the customer is not present from a third party within a 24hr period, we will process requests on the understanding that the third party (AISP) has obtained consent from the customer to request data more frequently.

Re-authentication - Periodically customers will need to re-confirm that we are permitted to share their data with third parties, e.g. once every 90 days. This can be completed by using the existing intent ID in a request to the /authorize endpoint (as per the OBIE specifications)

Transaction Codes - Nationwide uses proprietary transaction codes. Please see the NBS Transaction Codes xls below for the DRAFT definitions of these codes. Updates will be made to this at a future date.

Bulk Endpoints - Nationwide does not support the bulk endpoints for account resources at this time.

Optional Fields - Please see below the NBS Optional Fields xls which specifies the optional fields returned for account resources.



Payment Initiation API

Swagger version
Base URI
General variances to specificationSupport - Nationwide will accept single immediate payments made via Open Banking which will be executed via the Faster Payments Scheme. 
Non-functional limitations

Limits - Nationwide's faster payment limit for current accounts is a maximum of £10,000 when paying non-Nationwide accounts, credit cards and mortgages. This limit rises to £5,000,000 for an internal transfer.

Field Length Limits - Some data field lengths within the Open Banking payment API specifications exceed the equivalent data field lengths within the Faster Payment scheme.  If the data provided within any of these fields via the API(s) exceeds the maximum length permitted within the relevant Faster Payment field(s), we will reject the payment rather than attempt to truncate the data on v1.1 of the Payment APIs. On v3.0 and later, these payments will be accepted, however the values will be truncated to comply with the FPS scheme limit. 

Currency & Decimal Places - Nationwide will only allow payment values in GBP with one or two decimal places as per ISO20022.

Authentication & Execution Timing- As Nationwide Open Banking payments are all single immediate payments third parties must execute the payment within 1 hour after a customer's authentication.

Timeouts - In the event of a TPP receiving a timeout following the presentation of a payment for execution post customer authentication, please be aware that Nationwide will have received and may have already processed the payment. The payment submission status API is available to confirm the latest status of a recent payment.

Status Enquiry Time Limits - A payment submission status API can be accessed up to 24 hours after a customer's confirmation of a payment.

Standing Orders -

  • 'Frequency' values that are supported are IntvrlWkDay and IntvrlMnthDay
  • 'FirstPaymentDateTime' cannot be more than one year in the future
  • 'RecurringPaymentDateTime' must be after the first payment date
  • 'FinalPaymentDateTime' cannot be more than 50 years in the future
  • For 'SchemeName' we accept 'UK.OBIE.SortCodeAccountNumber' with an 'Identification' of a SCAN number (6 digit sort code and 8 digit account number with no spaces)

Scheme Support - FPS is the only supported scheme. Payments will be rejected if the LocalInstrument field is populated with anything other than UK.OBIE.FPS. Payments will be accepted if this field is not populated as it is optional.

Secondary Identifiers - For payments to holding accounts, where a secondary identifier is required (e.g. paying a credit card), it can be provided in either the SecondaryIdentification or Reference claim. If it is provided in both, the payment will be rejected.

Payee Name - We take the Merchant Name from the client name in the software statement to populate the Payee Name on the statements, and not the creditor account name or anything else passed in the request

RefAreaFieldAvailable (Y/N)Exception/Notes (inc details on classification codes, field limits, and field formats)
1Payment RequestsDebtor Account Secondary IdentificationYIf greater than 18 characters NBS will reject
2Payment RequestsEnd to end Identification fieldYIf greater than 31 characters NBS will reject. Note from v3.0 onwards, this will be truncated if over 31 characters and under the schema limit. 
3 Payment Requests Creditor Account NameYIf greater than 40 characters NBS will reject. Note from v3.0 onwards, this will be truncated if over 40 characters and under the schema limit. 
4 Payment Requests AmountYIf negative, NBS will reject
5 Payment Requests AmountY

For external payments if the amount is greater than the NBS external Faster Payment limit, NBS will reject (currently £10,000).

6 Payment RequestsCreditor Account Secondary IdentificationY If greater than 18 characters, NBS will reject. Note from v3.0 onwards, this will be truncated if over 18characters and under the schema limit. 

Open Data API

Swagger versionv2.2
General variances to specification None
Non-functional limitations-
RefAreaFieldAvailable (Y/N)Exception/Notes (inc details on classification codes, field limits, and field formats)
1Product InformationFeature Benefit TypeYNBS have grouped Text Alerts under the ‘account management’ feature benefit type.
2Product InformationFeature BenefitY NBS have labelled our FlexStudent 1% Credit Interest benefit as ‘other’ as it does not fall under any of the selections available on the code list.