Version 7.1





Change Description

Main updates to ASPSP’s individual calendar page:

New entries to ASPSP’s individual calendar page under Section ‘Standards’:

  • Have you implemented ECA Standard?
  • ECA Implementation details
  • Have you implemented Bulk/File Payments?
  • Have you implemented VRP – Sweeping, if not date planned to Implement?

Section ‘Post Brexit Certificate Implementation’ and its entries below are removed (as they are not relevant since 30th June, the end of transition period) :

  • POST-BREXIT TRANSITION - Certificates Accepted (1st Jan 2021 - 30th Jun 2021)
  • Planned Implementation Date to Satisfy FCA's Post Transition
  • TPP PSU Migration Outcomes Supported
  • POST-BREXIT Certificate Implementation Status

POST-BREXIT POST TRANSITION - Certificates Accepted (from 1st Jul 2021) entry is still relevant and will be moved to Section ‘Security Profile’

Main updates to homepage:

  • Section POST-BREXIT Certificate Status removed
  • Updated version of Questionnaire added

Backup of older version is available on request