Open Data API Specifications v2.1.0

Release note

This release note explains what's new in the Open Data API Specifications v2.1.0.


  • ATM, Branch, PCA - Inconsistencies between Swagger file and Data Dictionary
  • Branch - Timezone issue in Branch opening hours, which forced the implementer to provide local time
  • PCA - Inconsistencies between the original codelist and the codes in the Data Dictionary
  • PCA, BCA, SME Loans - Addition of missing 'Other' codes from the standard list where there is the ability to provide an OtherCodeType
  • PCA, BCA, SME Loans - Fixed code names in OB_FeeFrequency1Code codelist


  • Documentation changes have also been made to the Compliance Report and MIG to:-

    1. Remove references to fields that appeared in the v1.x data dictionary but where not actually used
    2. Fixed 1 example in the PCA MIG.


  • ATM - Support for multiple currencies
  • Branch - Re-design of phone section
  • PCA - Multiple segments can be provided for a PCA product