OB Root and Issuing Certificates for Production

Find on this page Open Banking Root CA and Issuing CA public certificates.

Download the certificates (right click link and download file) and check the hashes as you normally would for any protected content entering your organisation.

Please upload the root and issuing certificates to your trust stores and edge services that need to trust Open Banking Issued certificates as required, following your normal internal processes.

These certificates are provided without any representation or warranty. Any use of these certificate(s) is subject to the Open Banking Limited Certificate Policy. Open Banking Limited is not liable for any loss or costs arising from the possession or receipt of these certificate(s).



The hash value below should be used to validate certificates are correct and have been uncorrupted in transit.

Hash – Issuing Cert


58 be 4e d3 45 fd 59 8f 89 02 80 57 04 2a 98 33 17 44 bb f5



Hash – Root Cert


bd d9 da 6c 21 b9 11 32 f8 0e 8b 09 d7 2c 43 f0 34 6b e4 1f