EIDAS Migration Playbook for non-UK TPPs on TPR


Please ensure that you use the appropriate flowchart:

Flowchart 2: Immediate actions for TPPs on the TPR

Flowchart 3: Deferred actions for TPPs on the TPR (after 01-May-2021, but before 30-Jun-2021)

This document should be read in conjunction with our Brexit Q&A, which provide useful information on expectations post Brexit for participants passporting in from the EEA.

Flowchart 2: Immediate actions for TPPs on the TPR

Flowchart 3: Deferred Actions for TPPs on TPR/SRO


Directory APIs

The Directory APIs below can only be used by ASPSPs that are enrolled on the OBIE Directory as an ASPSP.

ASPSPs can call on the Directory APIs in order to check that a TPP on the OBIE Directory has the necessary regulatory permissions to perform their payment service(s)

TPP SCIM Resource

The TPP SCIM resource provides claims under urn:trustframework:competentauthorityclaims:1.1

The Authorisations array consists of a list of member states the TPP is authorised in.

The figure below shows the expected responses for a UK Entity and an EU Entity that is on the FCA’s TPR.

Until 30-Apr-2021, the AuthorisationAuthorities will continue to have only one record:

  • For UK based TPPs, this will be their FCA authorisation

  • For EU based TPPs on , this will be their EU NCA authorisation with the FRN issued by the EU NCA.

In the Authorisations object,

  • For UK based TPPs, the AuthorityId will be FCAGBR

  • For EU based TPPs on the TPR/SRO, the AuthorityId will continue to be their EU NCA. This will be linked to the UK FRN.

  • EU based TPPs that are not on the TPR/SRO will not have any Authorisations with a MemberState value of GB

Records for TPPs on the TPR/SRO will subsequently be updated to reflect:

  • An additional AuthorisationAuthorities entry

  • Entries in the Authorisations array with the FCA FRN as the AuthorityId

UK Entity

EU Entity



ASPSPs that have signed up to the OBIE directory may use the Certificate Validation Service to validate the certificate used by the TPP when calling the ASPSP’s APIs.

This service can be used by ASPSPs regulated by any NCA to check EIDAS certificates and certificates issued by OBIE Directory.

The service will return data.organisation.competent_authority_claims following the same rules as described above.

For EU based TPPs on the TPR/SRO and for FCA authorized TPPs:

  • The authorisations array will have an object with its member_state field set to GB.

  • The organisation.competent_authority_claims only have a single record.

  • this behaviour is the same for EIDAS, OBSeals and OBWACs