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Comment: Removed the requirement for the self certification form as this is no longer needed by the tool

Open Banking Limited (hereafter known as OBIE) provide a suite of Conformance Tools to help Implementers (which includes Account Providers, Third-Party Providers, Vendors and Technical Service Providers) test that they have implemented each part of the OBIE Standard correctly.


TypeConformance CertificatesFee per Conformance CertificateNumber of Conformance Certificates needed
Security Profile ConformanceFinancial Grade API (FAPI) Conformance Certificates *See per base URL (e.g. 

Client-Initiated Backchannel Authentication (CIBA) Conformance Certificates *See per base URL (e.g. 
Functional ConformanceFunctional Conformance Certificates: AIS£1,000One per base URL (e.g. 

Functional Conformance Certificates: PIS£1,000One per base URL (e.g. 

Functional Conformance Certificates: CBPII£1,000One per base URL (e.g. 
Dynamic Client Registration ConformanceDynamic Client Registration Conformance Certificates£1,000One per base URL (e.g. 
Customer Experience Guidelines ConformanceCustomer Experience Guidelines Conformance CertificatesPrice on applicationOne per branded set of customer journeys. 


  1. Implementer downloads relevant Conformance Tool or Checklist and completes all required tests.
    1. Functional Conformance Tool for AIS, PIS and CBPII
    2. Dynamic Client Registration Tool
  2. Implementer signs relevant order form (including agreeing terms and conditions and payment terms) to order a Conformance Certificate.
  3. Implementer purchases a Conformance Certification Service from OBIE via the Service Desk Conformance Certification Order Form

  4. OBIE validates Conformance Certificate Request.
  5. Implementer uploads all required supporting evidence together with a signed Self Certification Form.
  6. OBIE will provide support to the Implementer during the validation period, as detailed above.
  7. OBIE publishes Conformance Certificate and notifies Implementer.