Customer Experience Guidelines Conformance

An OBIE Customer Experience Guidelines Conformance Certificate allows an Implementer to demonstrate that they have successfully implemented all required elements of the Customer Experience Guidelines (CEG), and in particular that their customer journeys meet the CEG Checklist Requirements.


  • The Implementer must follow the OBIE Standard, in particular the current version of the CEG, and complete the CEG Checklist.
  • The Implementer must provide real-time screen video recordings for each step of each authentication journey they support in their dedicated interface. These recordings must not disclose any sensitive customer data (e.g. edited to mask any user names, passwords, account numbers etc). It is up to each Implementer to comply with regulations (e.g. GDPR) when submitting video evidence.
  • The Implementer must also complete a signed attestation form to confirm that all evidence submitted is accurate and has not been altered in any way.

Number of Conformance Certificates needed

It is up to each Implementer as to how many Conformance Certificates they apply for.

For ASPSPs, each Conformance Certificate covers one set of branded customer journeys within a single dedicated interface. 

Each Conformance Certificate will cover all required/implemented customer journeys for one iOS, one Android and one Web interface. If a dedicated interface contains more than one branded customer journey but they have exactly the same user experience (e.g. the same authentication methods and number of steps), then the ASPSP may wish to consider these will be the same for the purposes of CEG Conformance Certification and only need pay OBIE for a single Conformance Certificate. If there are any differences between the customer journeys within the same dedicated interface, then even if minor these will be subject to one charge per branded set of journeys certified.

Conformance Certificates