Version 7.3





Change Description

Updates to ASPSP’s individual calendar page as below:

New section ‘SCA-RTS 90-day reauth Implementation’ for ASPSP to publish their 90-day SCA-RTS approach:

  • Which date are you planning on implementing the SCA reauthentication exemption?
  • What is your approach to token management to enable application of the reauthentication exemption? (see link to FCA guidance)
  • SCA-RTS implementation status (updated by OBIE PS team only)

 New entry to ‘Standards’ section:

  • Are you planning to implement TRIs(Transactional Risk Indicator enhancements included in v3.1.10), if so, implementation date?

Other updates:

  • Versions 3.1.9 and 3.1.10 added to Read/Write API specifications and CEG

Homepage updated to include new section for ‘SCA-RTS 90-day reauth Implementation’