Open Data API Specifications v2.3

Release Note

This release note explains what's new in the Open Data API Specifications v2.3.0. 

Key Changes

This release has enhancements to the v2.2 specification for Branch Locator . This release note should be read in conjunction with Release 2.2. 

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This release note explains what's new in the Open Data API Specifications v2.3.0

Key Changes

Enhancements and Fixes

  • CR-66: Open Data - Branch - Multiplicity of Non Standard Availability
  • CR_027 Open Data - Product ID field increasing from 35 to 36 positions (Santander)
  • SMELoan Other code is missing from RepaymentType code list
  • Fix language issues in the V2.2.1 API specs confluence page
  • Check the possibility of changing the optional or mandatory fields as an array rather than objects.
  • Additional BCA and PCA Product Fees and Charges
  • PCA. xxxMarketingState::FeaturesAndBenefits::Card
  • Consistency across all product models for OtherSegment block
  • BCA and PCA product. xxxMarketingState::FeaturesAndBenefits::Card::Scheme. There is an inconsistency between the BCA and PCA specifications. Property is an array for BCA but a single string for PCA. It should be a single string in both cases for consistency and correctness.
  • All products. State Tenure Period should be mandatory if State Tenure Length populated This cannot be enforced in Swagger specs themselves however would it be possible to state this in the Constraints ?


  • Spelling and grammar fix.