Open Data API Specification v1.3.0

Release Notes

This patch release addresses a number of issues with Product OVERDRAFT and FEES:

  • The overdraft structure has been refactored to allow for a more flexible tiering structure. An explicit structure has been created for FeesAndCharges related solely to Overdrafts with explicit codesets. Please refer to the diagram for a full picture of changes to overdraft structure: Overdraft_Pricing_Rework_1.3.0.png

  • Resolved Require "Other" in FEE-060 in codelist #445

  • OB Product v1.2.4 CA-070 & INT-100 Code Lists missing value #444

  • OB Product v1.2.4 FEE-060 Code List matching current schema #443

  • DD1.2.3 - Overdraft - OVD-090, OVD-200, OVD-210 Business Term/Definition #367


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