Open Data API Specifications v2.2.0

Release Note

This release note explains what's new in the Open Data API Specifications v2.2.0

Key Changes

This is a minor release that fixes known defects in v2.1.1 as well as containing enhancements to the specification. In addition we have reformatted and amended the documentation for added clarity.


  • IncrementalBorrowingAmount added to OverdraftFeeChargeDetail section in the PCA specification to allow Lloyds Banking Group to accurately represent new overdraft pricing.
  • Minimum arranged overdraft  amount added to both  PCA and BCA specifications.
  • The Fee and Charges cap can now be linked to any Fee Type.
  • Academic Term has been added to the period code list.
  • Sort Code added to Branch Locator.
  • Renamed the FeeMinMaxType field to MinMaxType.


  • Regular expressions (Regex) that are required to constrain values entered into fields to a certain pattern are now both in the data dictionary as well as the swagger. 
  • All Notes fields have a consistent cardinality 0..*
  • The OverdraftFeeApplicableRange section was a modelling error and has been removed from the PCA design.
  • Previously, the Max256Type datatype was not correctly generated in the Swagger files. This has now been fixed.
  • We have improved the way mandatory field restrictions are generated by the swagger generation script.
  • Missing fee category codes have been added.
  • Base path corrected to /open-banking/vX.y


  • Examples of how to implement overdraft pricing for  known pricing models has been added to PCA Message Implementation Guide (MIG).
  • MIGs have been converted from PowerPoint to a Confluence & web-friendly format.
  • Description of the "Buffer Amount" field has been clarified and an example as to how to implement this added to the PCA Message Implementation Guide (MIG).
  • Description of the "TierBandMethod" field in the CreditInterest section was incorrect. This has been changed to "The methodology of how credit interest is paid/applied".
  • Replaced Message Implementation Guides with Usage Examples in JSON Request and Response format.